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In 1975 customer demand motivated Giorgio Grasselli, our founder and current president, to design and produce skinning and derinding machines.

Due to the great success of these units, in 1993 the company progressed into the development and production of innovative slicing machines and portioning systems.  To date we continue to improve both our products and services.

In accordance with the company’s mission, Grasselli believes that the key to the development of innovative and successful products lies in extreme specialization.

For the last 30 years we have been focusing on two lines of products, with the firm belief that the greatest value and highest benefit we can give our users is the knowledge that only a specialist can instill in its own products.

Today, Grasselli’s mission is to continue to strengthen our worldwide leadership in slicing and packaging fresh meats. We continue to expand our global network of hundreds of associates whose help and support assist us in the development of products.

Our products are designed in Italy, however, improvements and specifications are derived from our network of worldwide distributors and customers. Our goal at Grasselli is to be the ultimate point of reference and the most professional partner for any company with slicing needs.

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