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24 August 2017

Join us at Process Expo, one of the world’s largest trade shows dedicated to bringing the latest technologies to all segments of the food industry.


Together with our Partner Grasselli SSI, we will gladly welcome you to our stand (Booth 1841) to discuss our latest developments and to provide you with insight on the highest yield solution to your slicing needs.

We will be showcasing a selection of our most advanced machines, including:


Designed to improve productivity and reduce labor costs, this horizontal slicer automatically separates and diverts the product in 3 different groups of slices with 3 special outfeed belts, separating the out-of-spec top and bottom slices and releasing on the middle belt only the required in-spec separated slices.

NSA1000 XC

In line or on its own, the ideal solution for perfectly 3D cut products with a capacity of up to 1,5 tons per hour, for maximum productivity and performance.
Total automation and flexibility allow for smoothly cut dices, strips and even “julienne” style cuts.


This fully washable semi-automatic slicer gives you an unparalleled advantage be reducing waste during the slicing process to virtually nothing. Almost 100% of same thickness slices, thanks to our new technologically advanced software regulated application.


We look forward to meeting you in Chicago! 




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